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chimbleysweep 9th-Nov-2012 03:13 am (UTC)
Y'know, the more fallout I read, the less I am convinced that the Republicans will endure a civil war until after 2014 or 2016 (should they lose again). Maybe more moderates will starting voting for Democrats and Independents, but idk if there will be anything dramatic. There SHOULD be, but Fox is demonstrating that they have no shame.

There's so much vindictiveness towards Obama and it's going to remain, and Fox already framed this argument as being about THE BROWN PEOPLE AND WIMMENZ WANTING THINGS and not owning up to what every other network has said--that the Republicans are falling more and more out-of-touch and will not and cannot reach enough people to win anymore.

I'd like to hope that this initial reaction will change, however, especially leading up to 2014. I like to hope that they have nothing to grasp onto. I'd like to hope that Karl Rove and Limbaugh and Trump will be called out and dismissed and dismantled for their lies and racism and stupidity. But I don't know.
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