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mirfainlasui 9th-Nov-2012 05:00 am (UTC)
I bawled when I just watched this because...I'm from England, and for a variety of reasons I flew to Chicago July 1st to try and volunteer for the campaign, and I actually just got back from the State Headquarters down the road from where this one was having final victory/celebration/happiness drinks with other campaign volunteer members and staff that I've encountered. I fly home again on Monday, and it's just been an amazing experience, and I've met so many wonderful people, and feel so accomplished and yeah...this just made me lose even worse than I did Tuesday night at McCormick place.

My big thing is that even if you don't agree with his policies, I don't understand how anybody can try and say he ran for President for any reason other than he genuinely cares for people, and wants to make their lives better and easier.
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