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nicosian 10th-Nov-2012 04:26 pm (UTC)
what an asshole.

So let me get this right:
1. pay workers so little they can't afford insurance on their own dollar.
2. Refuse/resist to cover it fairly as part of the salary as it was historically intended if I'm correct.
3. Refuse reform that would allow single payer or low cost insurance plans.

exactly HOW then, do they anticipate people get JOBS! that cover insurance, like all the bootstrappers squeal on about?

And dude, with your castle and moat and petulant whining: boo.hoo. Your riches are a result of your employees. Do them good and give them insurance and quit sniveling. It might mean one or two less posh cars a year or no fresh aligators in your moat, but it might mean more healthy, productive, loyal staff.
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