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ultraelectric 10th-Nov-2012 04:41 pm (UTC)
By the way. I'm just gonna put my special comments in. I'm currently a culinary student and these are my special comments on this.

1) health insurance is a deductible tax expenditure.
2) If restaurants/food places are so concerned with cost, they would do several things to change this. The Food Industry has a high turnover rate, this has to do with several reasons, poor working conditions, POOR MANAGERS WHO DON'T TRAIN STAFF PROPERLY, poor purchasing skills and wasted product. And yeah, times are tough so you should probably train your staff to have good personalities and not shitty ones -- I've been to several with very bad personalities manners, in this economy I say no to that, you want people to eat and enjoy your restaurant than train your staff to be good people.

The Restaurant Industry has bigger shit to fry than Obamacare.

end rant & special comments. ;)
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