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fenris_lorsrai 10th-Nov-2012 05:15 pm (UTC)
I worked food service, but I worked for schools and corporate. They most wanted consistent food and SAFE food. So they wanted low turnover and to make sure they avoided injury and illness. you're sick, GO HOME. They also started off school year each year by handing out new slip resistant shoes designed to minimize back strain. you were full time, you got new shoes each year. (and could ask for replacement if needed)

For food service, cutting hours and NOT providing health care basically sets it up so they have ill trained and ILL staff, a great way to have inconsistent product and service with an added possibility of food borne disease outbreak. Plus since you're turning over staff constantly, good luck getting consistent high marks from the health inspector! Wait, what, we're supposed to keep a temperature log? what's that? I'm NOT supposed to empty the remains of this pan of chili into the one that just came out of the warmer?

But god forbid we actually get pay staff enough to actually RETAIN them so we have a consistent, safe, quality product. THAT'S CRAZY TALK.
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