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corinn 10th-Nov-2012 08:09 pm (UTC)
He ran unopposed, and another article mentions write-ins are invalid unless the write-in candidate has previously filed paperwork ("notice of intent," I think). There was one person who did so. The guy got 200-300 votes (I've seen both figures in different articles). Part of the problem there might be that his name was Brown and the incumbent was Broun, but articles seem to attach the descriptor "little-known" to Brown, so maybe he just didn't have a prolific campaign. I can't even find a web site for him to find out what positions he holds. Maybe he's also batshit. Who knows?

Yeah, promoting a legit candidate would have been better. It seems the only legitimate write-in candidate didn't take advantage of people being pissed at the incumbent to launch a Facebook campaign or something. Broun's comments were publicized in early October-- what was the deadline for filing write-in eligibility paperwork? IDK. And that may have been too close to the election for someone to go "Hmmm, I think I will run for Congress."

Like the one organizer says: At least it shows there's a possible vulnerability in that district. Hopefully democrats will pounce in 2014.
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