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jenny_jenkins 11th-Nov-2012 07:41 am (UTC)
I'm so amused I'm leaving a second comment.

Meanwhile, volunteers like Ekdahl could do nothing but vote themselves and go home.

Ummm...rule #1. Your campaign volunteers vote BEFORE ELECTION DAY. You need them from 6 am until the vote count ends. How could they not know this. RULE NUMBER ONE: Vote early if you are volunteering.

Also, I'm so amused by this obsession they had with the precision of Obama's targeting.

I have no idea if Narwhal can be credited with that, but it's really very simple. You get your elderly volunteers to do areas of the constituency they are familiar with. When I helped on Carole James's first ever MLA campaign (she became leader of the NDP ultimately) it was so basic. You had people work in their own neighbourhoods. Some of these people had lived there 50 years. Not only did they know if Bob next door had voted, they knew how he had voted. And if Bob was a Liberal/Social-Cred party voter mischievously filching a ride from us, they knew better than to send a car to take him to the polls ;)

It's so bloody basic. And the only preparation involved was printing off huge sheets of paper with the voter numbers in each poll, organizing the scrutineers and handing out some maps.

60 pages + ?????

ANY campaign run so stupidly deserves to lose on principle.
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