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thenakedcat 11th-Nov-2012 07:54 am (UTC)
Yup. My neighborhood in Colorado is in deep red country so we didn't have enough volunteers to make a second pass, but the strategy was pretty much the same:

1. Knock the door. If no one answers, leave a hanging flier on the doorknob with the precinct address, voting times, ID requirements, voter helpline #, etc.
2. If the name on the list answers the door, ask if they've voted.
3. If they have voted, thank them for their commitment to democracy and cross them off the list.
4. If they haven't voted, make sure they have the correct info and offer to arrange for any help they might need getting to the polls.
5. If the name on the list doesn't match the person who answers the door, ask if THAT person is registered and has all the information/help they need to vote.
6. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the polls close.
7. Acquire alcoholic beverages and turn on the news.
8. Bask in the glow of victory.
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