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papilio_luna 11th-Nov-2012 03:29 pm (UTC)
I have actually been sort of curious about the Obama GOTV strategy because my house quite conspicuously was never targeted and I'm legitimately curious about why. I live in a very Blue neighborhood in a very Blue city, voted Obama last time, and gave money last time and this time. I would often come home in the evening to find a door hanger on my neighbors' doors but none on mine. I never got a mailing (though boyhowdy did I get email!), never got a canvasser knocking on my door (I'd see them around the neighborhood but they never came to my door).

I'm not complaining at all--I've got a new baby and 2 loud dogs so the last thing I need is random people ringing my door bell--I'm just wondering if that was on purpose. Like: don't spend any resources on that house, they are fully committed already? Is that how it worked?
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