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Murasaki Shikibu
homasse 14th-Nov-2012 04:57 am (UTC)
Speaking as a black woman...no.

Especially given some of Hilary's - and her supporters' - frankly deplorable actions during the 2008 primaries (which, btw, pushed me into no longer considering myself a capital-f "Feminist" because all the white privilege that came screaming to the fore), no. They were not people that any mother of black girls should have pointed to as role models. I'm sorry, but no.

And black boys and men get saddled and hit with a lot of baggage that black women and girls, especially light-skinned women and girls, don't get. Black boys are more likely to be labeled as "troublemakers" and placed in lower-level classes than any other group. Obama, and what he meant to black folks and especially black kids of BOTH genders, is something I don't think you're seeing.
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