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poetic_pixie_13 14th-Nov-2012 07:29 am (UTC)
Dear white people all up in this post,

The author is talking about her black son. This doesn't mean she doesn't support her daughters or women in general. She's just specifically talking about the impact of Obama's election on her son and on black boychildren everywhere. This is not a Bad Thing. Society teaches little black kids that black men are violent and sadistic, that they can't be good fathers, good husbands, good men. It gives these kids no male role models to look up to, men who are successful and intelligent and kind and manage to do all that without playing in a major league or selling albums. In a world where we're taught that black men hate hate women, can't be bothered about their children and can only survive through a life of crime Obama's election means so much. It's revolutionary.

So, basically, stop with the concern trolling about her daughters. They probably look up to Barack too. And if they ever need a woman to look up to they will no doubt be blessed by Michelle's holy light.
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