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kyra_neko_rei 16th-Nov-2012 08:07 pm (UTC)
Maybe they've analyzed that there's something profitable in a healthy economy where everybody is well-paid-enough to have some disposable income for buying stuff.

If you're the owner or shareholder of a company whose business is selling something, be it books, dinners or vacations, the man who's "got a little cash burning holes in my pocket" is going to be a better consumer for your goods than the man who "owes his soul to the company store."

It honestly surprises me too, but endless cycles of profit growth with little expense for taxes and wages isn't sustainable---good on Forbes for choosing the ethical option (free enterprise that's truly free by being fair to all players) over the unethical one (grab all the money and then sell our lives back to us in some dystopian debt slavery mess).
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