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MADISON -- (WTDY) Congressman-elect Mark Pocan is using the remaining funds in his campaign account to start a scholarship fund with the Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE).

“I wanted to try to help some of the kids who are just trying to get by every day in their schools by taking my state account and putting it toward a worthy cause,” said Pocan during an interview Tuesday.

Once state campaign accounts are closed, the law allows for those funds to be disbursed to non-profits like GSAFE. Pocan plans on matching every donation given to the Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools up to $20,000. The money will go toward a scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors who have been dedicated to making their schools safer and more supportive for the LGBT community.

Kristen Petroshius, Co-Director of GSAFE, said in a statement that the scholarship will help young leaders “become the innovative change-makers our communities need--much in the spirit of Mark Pocan.”

“Whether they are creating policy changes to make their schools more effective at including and educating all students, working with their school clubs to help other youth become leaders, or intervening in bullying to make a safer school environment, Wisconsin students are leading the way in creating schools where all youth can thrive,” said Petroshius.

Pocan was recently elected to the U.S. House of Representatives after serving in the Wisconsin Assembly for the past 13 years.

Donations to the Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools can be made at gsafewi.org.


Ha ha, your Congresscritter isn't as awesome as mine.

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