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rebness 24th-Nov-2012 04:27 pm (UTC)
On their website front page, they have a disclaimer that they're not racist.

If you have to make such a disclaimer, you probably are a racist fuck.

UKIP also 'opposes multiculturalism', as if the millions of British people who are from ethnic minorities can just up and leave to some fabled land from which they all came, as if they don't fucking contribute anything to Britain's social fabric.

How could anyone, in any conscience, place children of colour with asshats who believe in such things?

UKIP is a xenophobic party who wants to rescue Britain from all those pesky foreigners in Europe, and have Britain as a white monolith. It's just the BNP with better PR, but thankfully the council have seen through this and taken steps to prevent those children being exposed to such hate. It's absolutely the right call! I don't get why anyone even thinks this should be up for debate.
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