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A Jewish woman was murdered by Muslim extremists in the Iranian city of Esfahan, the Israeli media is reporting. The victim was 56, and it appears the reason for the murder is an ongoing effort to take over the family home by an adjacent mosque.

The Muslims affiliated with a mosque located next to the victim’s home have been trying to expand their house of worship. They asked the family to leave the home to permit the expansion project. The family refused, and the head of the household filed a complaint, citing the mosque officials were trying to run him out.

In an apparent response, two thugs arrived at the home last week while the husband was in Tehran and stabbed the wife to death. It is reported they were “brutal”, stabbing her repeatedly. Two sisters of the nifteres were in the home at the time and they were tied up and forced to watch the horrific act.

Needless to say the local Jewish community was horrified and fear additional attacks against Jews may follow as a result.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


So far, most of the comments I've seen on this article have been typically Islamophobic. But if anything, the last paragraph reminds me of stories I used to hear about my family in Tsarist Russia, when acts of violence like this against the Jewish community would lead to the very real fear of a pogrom by a Christian mob. Crazy stuff...

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