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leaf_collector 7th-Dec-2012 05:55 am (UTC)
My family and I make something like 8k a year, supplemented with some things like, grant/scholarship money. In that way and some others we have some luxuries (car, computers, But things are largely up in the air where the reliability of those things stands. Examples: if our car broke down, we probably wouldn't really be able to afford any kind of not-short-term fix (it helps my husband has a little know-how with cars, though nothing official). And, scholarships/grants are all well and dandy, but they're an investment in time and effort, first and foremost, with no guarantee they will pay back. And they're based off previous effort/experience (gpa/whatever), which is hard to garner in some cases.

I think a redefining of poverty, middle-class, and poor is in order - they just don't contain all the varieties out there. Or anyway in the instance of federal definitions and which amount qualifies .
Maybe the terms don't really matter so much, but how secure one feels. I think to a certain extent everyone feels insecure financially these days - like things could so easily spiral out of control if some sort of domino effect began. :/ Or anyway, I feel that way.
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