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veracity 7th-Dec-2012 07:16 am (UTC)
I talk to one of my teachers after class all the time, which I love her for, and she was telling me about how as a teacher they're only paid once a month and by the end, money gets tight. I'm at poverty level at this point, even though I live in a nice place but can't pay the bills and don't have the credit to get another place to live (catch 22). And since I got a wee bit of money last week, I bought my teacher a stainless steel traveling mug to keep in her office so she can have water available, or put in some of her soda from home, and save some money. I get it. So I'm trying to make it easier. But you don't hear about the money issues at all.

Our school's pay is shit anyway, given how they're running a brand new school into the ground. Like our charter won't allow for tenure professors...but they're already looking at adding grad school programs to hit university status since teaching college ain't doing much for them. In the meantime, the students and fac are carrying the monetary weight on our shoulders.
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