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This is what marriage equality looks like.

Reddit user Deesnuttzz posted this amazing picture of a bearded couple applying for a marriage license in Seattle, Washington, on the first day that the marriage equality law was put in action.

bearded love

According US News, Larry Duncan, 56, a retired psychiatric nurse, and Randell Shepherd, 48, a computer programmer, of North Bend, Wash., have been together 11 years. They wore the matching outfits as a "fashion statement."

"We were at a party and we met eyes and fell in love," Duncan said to the news source.

"He came up and asked me out, and I said yes," Shepherd added.

The bearded couple is considering getting married Sunday at a local church that will perform mass ceremonies for same-sex couples.

Although they're not religious, Duncan told NBC, “Enough people have told me, ‘God hates fags'. I want someone in a church to say, ‘God loves fags,’ to have that stamp on it.”

source also has a slide show of couples getting same-sex marriage licenses in Washington
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