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President Barack Obama is respected around the world and has won many distinctive honors; Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year', two Grammy Awards, and even a Nobel Peace Prize - one of only four presidents to do so. In a new report by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it has been revealed that Yale scientists have named a newly discovered dinosaur after President Barack Obama. It is called Obamadon gracilis.

The lizard sized dinosaur is thought to have lived on insects, and was small in stature in comparison to other known behemoths. Researchers say that the dinosaur's size is not in anyway a political reference. The name Obamadon was chosen due to the lizard's tall, straight teeth. According to sci-news.com Paleontologist Nick Longrich said, "Obama has these tall, straight incisors and a great smile."

The naming of the dinosaur was delayed until after the election. Nick Longrich says that "Romneydon" was not considered.

While in office President George W. Bush also had something named after him, the "agathidium bushi"; a slime-mold beetle. How appropriate.

Picture at the SOURCE is worth a thousand LOLs! :D

This is total news fluff, but who can resist a tale like this? Also, the picture! :D :D
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