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fenris_lorsrai 18th-Dec-2012 07:17 pm (UTC)
I wish to staple this piece to some people's foreheads.

That said, the way around the gun lobby may be to tax the unliving shit out of AMMO. you have a right to bear arms. don't say nothing about premade ammo since that wasn't really a thing back when it was written. and you outright ban certain types.

any sale of ammo, taxed just like cigarettes. (so a flat plus a very steep percentage) You can buy black powder without tax. Certain groups can apply for an exemption to the ammo tax like the military, law enforcement, ROTC program, group training for shooting in the olympics, etc, situations where they will be going through a large number of rounds in a WELL REGULATED environment.

why no tax on black powder? since that was largely what writers of constitution were familiar with, we'll assume that was included with your arms. lots of people doing subsistence level hunting still use this system OR they can pack their own rounds if they wish. and they're generally a relatively slow reload.

someone very determined to have a lot of ammo without paying taxes can still sit there packing rounds at home, but it extends the process quite a bit. and yes, of course you can have people sitting at home packing rounds for things no longer available on civilian market... but it greatly increases the chance of misfire.

yes, you would have a black market for ammo (you do now, anyway) but this happens with any taxed product. and black market ammo again has a higher chance of misfire which, if we want to cut the effectiveness of guns as a means of killing people, is a good thing.

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