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londonsquare 18th-Dec-2012 07:51 pm (UTC)
I would like to see a ban on all military assault grade weapons going into the hands of civilians. I will never understand why Joe Schmo from Suburbia, Kansas needs an AR-15 that shoots 50 rounds a minute. And it's not for defense...it is an ASSAULT rifle. Says it right in the title...you use a revolver or a small semi-automatic to defend yourself. Ain't no reason to have something like that.

I would also like to see us treat gun ownership the same way we'd treat drivers in this country. You want to buy a gun? Apply for a permit. Get a permit, buy the gun you want to use. You have to take several weeks or months of safety and training classes (if you're buying a gun that's going into a home with various people, they need to take a class too).

While you have your permit, that gun STAYS AT THE SHOOTING RANGE. Then you take your test (extensive gun safety written test, have someone watch you load, unload, and put away your gun properly). You pass your test, you can take your gun home in your designated lock box that you get as a graduation present or some shit.

I just...ugh. It infuriates me how little solutions can be offered and yet people who are gun happy bitch and moan.

If giving my father's guns back to the manufacturers and never owning a gun again could bring those kids back, you can bet my family would be throwing that shit onto the pile.

Sorry for the novel...I have a lot of feels about this.
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