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deborahw37 18th-Dec-2012 07:54 pm (UTC)
just read an article in the New York Times suggesting that gun purchase be limited to one per month. One per MONTH??? How about one per lifetime? Seriously, unless you're shooting for the pot or are a farmer or sportsman ( in which case special licences could be obtained) how many guns do you need?

How about you can buy one gun for personal use/ protection and if you want to upgrade it or whatever you have to hand that one in before you can take another one home? Combine that with a recall / amnesty/ compensation for/ destruction of existing weapons and with keeping proper records from here on in.
Oh and, just as you have to licence and register and insure a car and pass a test and maintain a license to drive one so should it be with guns. There should also be the equivalent of the UK system of unannounced checks on condition and storage of guns and ammo.

I keep reading elsewhere on the net that guns are banned in the UK. That isn't true . I was discussing this at a community project on Sunday, of the ten volunteers there, six are gun owners. There are guns in this village, there are guns on this farm. Licensed, regulated, regularly checked and there for the purposes of farming, shooting for the pot and vermin control and sport ( clay pigeon shooting mostly).

After much head scratching the oldest member of the team recalled one gun related accident ( non fatal) and, sadly, one suicide by gun in living memory.

Oh and one armed hold up of the post office in a nearby village some years ago... the weapon wasn't fired.

So, even in a tightly regulated society guns can be an issue but mostly we feel pretty safe simply because there are less of them and they tend to be rifles or shotguns rather than hand guns or military grade rapid fire weapons.

The idea of needing guards at our schools, a lock down drill for our children or guns for self protection is simply unthinkable!! For one thing " going armed" is an offence in itself. For another we have pretty clear " reasonable force" laws covering all aspects of self defence.

This isn't about a ban, this is about sensible regulation.

And the hysteria and influence of the gun lobby is preventing a sensible debate.
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