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rex_dart 19th-Dec-2012 07:11 am (UTC)
tbh I spend a lot of time pointing out that people don't need guns because conservatives spend so much time pointing out absolutely absurd reasons that they think DO need guns (such as "if I were in that shopping mall I would have pulled out my concealed carry sidearm and saved everyone from the assault rifle-wielding maniac BANG BANG BANG!"). The anti-gun-control crowd has the power, so they set the tone for the debate. It's hard to argue the liberal point that guns need to be intelligently regulated and gun owners need to be held more responsible for their firearms in various ways under the law when the start of the discussion is inevitably "if you regulate guns MY WHOLE FAMILY WILL DIE IN A HOME INVASION, COMMIE!"

Most of the arguments I had this past weekend involved me asking people for statistics when they claimed that concealed carry (for example) saves lives and telling them that they had to counter my statistics pointing out that a gun in the home (for example) is more likely to kill a woman or child in the household than an armed aggressor. The argument RARELY reaches the point at which my own positions on firearm regulation (which have a lot in common with how Australia does it) even come up, because usually people are flipping their shit just having someone tell them that they are not Rambo and they are never going to get to righteously kill someone and be declared a hero for it.
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