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maenads_dance 25th-Dec-2012 07:47 am (UTC)
Good article. Hard article to read.

I come from a relatively affluent family - and more importantly a family intimately familiar with the ins-and-outs of higher education, as one parent is a professor - but I will be taking nine years to graduate because of my extensive health problems. It took my mother five, and my father took nine years also.

I didn't realize until the past few years how unrealistic the "four-year plan" is for so many people. A few generations ago, it was both common and feasible for working class kids to go to school for one semester a year, and for their work over the summer and during the other semester to pay for their tuition and expenses year round. This is now essentially impossible except at community colleges, and community college education has all sorts of drawbacks (as mentioned above).

Most of the people I know who have attended private four year colleges and who come from poor backgrounds did so on the GI bill. When people ask what would inspire someone to join the military during wartime -- it's because if you serve for four or five or six years, the military will pay for all or almost all of your undergraduate education, expenses included. It's an extraordinary opportunity. You just have to risk death, dismemberment, and grievous psychological injury... when my father went through the army, it was peacetime.

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