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coyotesuspect 25th-Dec-2012 08:37 am (UTC)
This is a good article, though very hard to read. There's something about it that's bugging me, and I think I'm too tired to put my finger on it. But it seems like, in its focus on the girls' stories, it fails to take a wider, more systematic view of why so many low-income students fail to get into colleges (and have such a hard time achieving once there.) When it does take the long view, its argument seems to be "not enough father figures" (which is kind of gross imo) and "the rich getting richer" - which I feel is a large part of the issue, but doesn't go far enough as an explanation and needs to be explained in and of itself. idk I think I'll probably come back to this article to think it through more.

Angelica's story was really hard to read for me. There have been times while at college when I've hit that low point and just haven't been able to respond to people trying to help me. I think even well-meaning and sympathetic people don't realize that one of the worst parts of depression is that inability to respond. (And I do think part of that is just the stigma which mental illness has; if you say, yes I have a problem then you're, you know, admitting there's something wrong with you.)

Also, financial aid forms are really fucking complicated. I'm a senior, and even applying for aid this time (my third time doing it and with my dad's help every time), stuff still got fucked up and I didn't actually get my aid decision until right before the start of school. It would be great if colleges and high schools could do more to help students with the forms.
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