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kitschaster 25th-Dec-2012 09:52 am (UTC)
Very good article, and the reason I dropped out of my first college after being there for only two years. I was too poor to wash my own clothes or feed myself half the time, and my mother was too poor to send money. I also could not find a job, as I had no car and all the jobs were off-campus (the school was fairly new, and if you enrolled in the work-study program, all it did was take money out of your financial aid for whatever amount you made, and finding jobs on campus that paid was hardly an option.

This is why I'm now just settling on an A.S. degree right now. I tried twice (second time music schools proved way too expensive, and I didn't have to money to continue with a voice teacher outside of my school's music program, which was paid for by my financial aid). So yeah, it fucking sucks being poor and trying to attend school. Even now I don't know if I'll go for the B.S., because it's too damn much, and my current community college (community college of all fucking places!) has swamped me with loans, because they make it nearly impossible to prove residency, even though I've lived here since early 2011. So I end up taking out $5,000 a semester in loans for a fucking A.S. degree.

The school systems in the South are a fucking joke. When I lived in California, Pell grants paid for everything, and being poor meant that the schools wrote off my fees for classes, so I ended up getting about $1,000 back in Pell grants every semester. I never took out loans in community college back home, but here even my fiance has to take out loans, and he's counted as a resident and poor. It's just...stupid and terrible. Nothing more than a money-making scheme, frankly.

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