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kitschaster 25th-Dec-2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
Man, I loved the Fort, honestly. I spent one morning hiking all around the campus just looking at all the old stuff, including the warfare training center. I took pictures of it all with my crappy camera, but I think I only have two pictures remaining of my time there, sadly. Even in the morning light those old buildings and places were spooky as fuck, and half the time I expected some crazed zombie wraith to come tumbling out of an old barrack in broad daylight. But I loved it. My first summer there doing their Summer Bridge program, we all almost got caught trailing the old barracks at 3am (there were, like, twenty of us in the program, plus the mentors who knew better, lol). It was so much fun. I also miss Carmel and the aquarium. And the beaches! Such a beautiful place. I even still remember the drunken bonfires at the beaches on freezing nights.

Oh man, you made me remember so many wonderful things, lol. Though I did not know you lived off campus! If you are still there next year, find out about about the Halloween haunted house at the jail. It's the only time the govt lets the school use one of the buildings for fun, lol.

I am glad I mostly finished as well. I haven't gotten a four year degree, but I have a degree, and it has made the difference in the past. :D
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