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hinoema 25th-Dec-2012 12:41 pm (UTC)
I'd call that more 'a potential disadvantage' than 'all sorts of drawbacks', but anyway... it depends on the community college. Portland CC has a great transfer program, including simultaneous co-enrollment with pretty much all of the state (and some out of state) colleges. The classes are also great quality and my teachers have mostly been excellent, which is why I'm studying there virtually and not in my native state of Arizona.

From what I see, under-matching isn't an inherent flaw of all community colleges; it's the fault of poor community colleges (like Pima in Arizona).

A semester on the honor roll only kept her from sensing the drift away from her plan to transfer to a four-year school.

That sounds like a personal issue. My broke self has been on the honor roll from the beginning, and I haven't drifted away from my plans to continue to a University. I'm co-enrolled at PSU already, in fact.

Essentially, I don't feel that a few examples are illustrative of all community colleges. Without them, people like me couldn't afford to do what I'm doing, which is trying to get enough skills in CC to help pay for a University later. (I'm getting both a transfer and a 'vocational' Associates. It'll take 6 months longer, but I'll have a transfer degree and a solid skill set at the same time.) Er. *Waves Community College flag*

Heh, sorry. I just love my CC.

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