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richard madden
wikilobbying 26th-Dec-2012 06:58 am (UTC)
you just articulated a lot of things i haven't been able to articulate with this, with lanza, and with the shooting in aurora earlier this year. even on my end, it's been a lot of combined unpacking my own wrong perceptions and my discomfort with the current conversation about mental health that gets brought up with every mass shooting. like they've basically been working hand in hand but so difficult to spell out, so yes, this is very good.

and especially with the coverage of lanza, it's been really weird to me how media outlets have gone to people who haven't seen or talked to or had any association with him in years, like old class mates. as if they're not missing a big gap in his life and a big gap in how ever lanza was more currently. idk there's just such a rush toward speculation, like how dare the media wait to find out actual facts instead of being all up everyone's asses with speculation all the time.
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