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Orange: Piper and Alex
violetrose 26th-Dec-2012 08:54 am (UTC)
I am getting sick of people acting like they care sooo much about mental healthcare now, and misrepresenting the majority of mentally ill people as violent and murderous. The prevailing message in most of these articles and editorials is that mentally ill people are all out to kill everyone and we need to lock them up and keep the away from 'normal' people.

And of course, talking about gun restrictions automatically means you want a fascist state, but rounding up all the mentally ill and sticking them in institutions is totally okay and not a fucked up ideal at all.

“I have guns, but they’re locked in a safe,” Bill Lammers said. “There’s no way I would leave anything out.”

Oh shut up. Your son was able to buy semi-automatic rifle and that is not okay. No one needs that. Restricting guns is what will decrease gun violence; not rounding all the mentally ill and sticking them in institutions.
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