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Arizona sheriff orders armed 'posse' to patrol schools

4:18 pm - 12/28/2012
First post here... so please be patient if I mess it up.

And three guesses as to which sheriff wants armed "volunteers" to patrol schools.

Sheriff Arpaio wants his armed posses to protect Arizona schools

Basically Sheriff Arpaio wants to station armed posses around schools in Maricopa County. The (very short) article also outlines briefly how Sherif Babeu (Pinal County) and the Attorney General want to make schools safer with more guns.

Text of article:
" Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday that he plans to deploy his armed volunteer posse to protect Valley schools from the kind of violence that happened in the Connecticut shooting tragedy. Arpaio believes having armed law officers around schools will deter would-be criminals from trying anything violent and, possibly, stop them if they do.

“I have the authority to mobilize private citizens and fight crime in this county,” Arpaio said.

Arpaio first started using his posse to protect malls during the holiday shopping season in 1993 in response to violent incidents in prior years. Since then he said malls where his posse members are on patrol have had zero violent re-occurrences and patrols by his all-volunteer squad during the 2012 shopping season netted a record 31 arrests.

Arpaio said since the program has worked so well in malls he believes it will work just as well protecting schools.

“We're not talking about placing the posse in the schools right now but in the outlying -- the perimeters of the school -- to detect any criminal activity.”

The sheriff didn't talk logistics but said he'll use members of his 3,000 strong posse to patrol schools in towns that fall under sole jurisdiction of the sheriff's office – places like Cave Creek, Anthem, Fountain Hills, Sun City, Litchfield Park, Gila Bend, Carefree, Queen Creek, Guadalupe - which he said amounts to about 50 grade, middle and high schools.

“I don't know if they agree [to my plan] or not. I'll coordinate with them,” the sheriff said, admitting he has yet to talk it over with the schools.

Arpaio's plan came the day after his counterpart in Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Attorney General Tom Horne said they want to arm teachers and principals.

In response, Arpaio said he'd rather see armed resource officers back in all schools -- a program that's been largely de-funded in recent years.

“I support arming cops in the schools," Arpaio said. "If you have a cop that's armed you don't need a teacher that's armed."

However, Arpaio stopped short of committing to a stance on arming teachers.

“[Politicians] are going to be talking about the guns now for years. But I have certain resources at my disposal and I'm not going to talk about it. I'm going to do it,” Arpaio said about putting his plan into action without the need for political maneuvering.

from OP: I live in Maricopa County, and I have a son in first grade. The thought of having armed vigilantes or armed members of the crazy militias guarding my son's school is terrifying. Also- no tag for Arpaio? Or did I miss it?
chimbleysweep 29th-Dec-2012 03:58 am (UTC)
Oh dear god no. No. Nope.

On a similar note, there's a WA lawmaker who wants teachers to be armed. I am basically flipping out at the stupidity and carelessness of people.
schexyschteve 29th-Dec-2012 04:02 am (UTC)
NO. This is NOT the answer. Anyone who works around children will tell you this.
piratesswoop 29th-Dec-2012 04:03 am (UTC)
i'm in school to become an elementary school teacher and if i ever got a job at a district that required me to carry a firearm, i'd quit. this is NOT the answer.
jasonbeast 29th-Dec-2012 04:08 am (UTC)
What can possibly go wrong with this brilliant plan?
sio 29th-Dec-2012 04:10 am (UTC)
now, you shush with that logic. nothing can POSSIBLY go wrong with such a brilliant idea!

pipsdixiechick 29th-Dec-2012 05:07 am (UTC)
Unfortunately this is truly how Arpaio is. He really believes he is above the law, and even tried to get Obama kept off of the ballot here in AZ so we couldn't vote for him. I still firmly believe he didn't win this latest term legally either. But yeah, he pulls this shit.
redstar826 29th-Dec-2012 04:16 am (UTC)
Really, what are the chances that a school will be targeted by some mass shooter? All of this seems like a hell of a lot of paranoia over something that is probably not very likely to happen
quizzicalsphinx 29th-Dec-2012 04:23 am (UTC)
Every time I hear this man's name mentioned, it is always followed by bottomless idiocy.
romp 29th-Dec-2012 05:54 am (UTC)
gloraelin 29th-Dec-2012 04:41 am (UTC)
I'm both horridly saddened and relieved that I'm not the only one who thought this. Fucking hell.
shhh_its_s3cr3t 29th-Dec-2012 04:30 am (UTC)
Sigh.... Here in my area of "enlightened" Houston suburbia... they are lauding this plan as very forward thinking.

I want to slap them silly, except they'd probably end up shooting me point blank because my liberal ilk is what's wrong with this country.

I ever see an armed posse around my son's school I will do whatever i have to do to get him transferred somewhere else idgaf.

baka_tenshi 29th-Dec-2012 05:15 am (UTC)
yeahhhh no......nope. i live in maricopa county but i live in surprise. i don't feel comfortable enough living in that area - and this is just gonna make it worse.
pipsdixiechick 29th-Dec-2012 05:22 am (UTC)
NO WAY!!!! I live in Surprise, lol! I feel you BB-my plan is to get my ass back to my native Washington State by years end. So refreshing to hear from fellow like-minds here in AZ (I refuse to call myself an Arizonan. I can't do it).
one_hoopy_frood 29th-Dec-2012 05:35 am (UTC)
silver_apples 29th-Dec-2012 05:36 am (UTC)
I don't believe Arpaio or his "posse" want to "deter would-be criminals" -- they want to be the "good guy with a gun", the hero who saves a school full of adorable children. This isn't about protecting children, it's about daring people to attack and finally being in a position to finally shoot someone and be rewarded instead of punished for it.

Arpaio first started using his posse to protect malls during the holiday shopping season in 1993 in response to violent incidents in prior years. Since then he said malls where his posse members are on patrol have had zero violent re-occurrences and patrols by his all-volunteer squad during the 2012 shopping season netted a record 31 arrests.

I would like more information. How many violent incidents have there been at nearby malls without patrols? What were people arrested for? Has anyone other than Arpaio confirmed this? How do shoppers and mall workers feel about it?
pipsdixiechick 29th-Dec-2012 05:42 am (UTC)
pipsdixiechick 29th-Dec-2012 05:47 am (UTC)
This fool really believes he lives in the Old West and is playing Cowboys and Indians (The Indians in his case are actually Mexicans, lets be real). Posse? WTF??? He should not be allowed to run after this term (his scary racist ass should have been done 20 years ago to be honest).
silver_apples 29th-Dec-2012 06:09 am (UTC)
Many of the Native Americans in Westerns were played by Hispanic actors, so I can see how he got confused.
sabaism 29th-Dec-2012 06:22 am (UTC)
I don't know why he thinks adding more armed guards to the school is a good idea. I live in Maricopa county (Tempe) and we already have armed police at the high schools. My high school had at least one on duty every day, in addition to the unarmed security guards. :(
kagehikario 29th-Dec-2012 04:02 pm (UTC)
Seriously!? How is this life? In a supposidly prosperous world-leading nation

Confused Canadian here with no security at all in any elementary or high school I have ever been to...

*edit b/c grammar and formatting, what is it?

Edited at 2012-12-29 04:04 pm (UTC)
jenny_jenkins 29th-Dec-2012 07:41 am (UTC)
As someone said above: this sounds to me like a sneaky plan to ask brown parents for their papers and just generally harass people who don't look like proper Murricans.

Screw him.
browneyedguuurl 29th-Dec-2012 09:22 am (UTC)
Why has a house not dropped on him yet?
pandaeatworld 29th-Dec-2012 11:41 am (UTC)
I can see this ending similarly to the case of the old neighbourhood watch guy shooting the kid for wearing a hoodie.. I can't remember the specifics but this seems like a way for his "gang" to just scare off the stereotypes of "undesirables".
oudeteron 29th-Dec-2012 05:29 pm (UTC)
No no no no nope. (Surprised it took this douchebag this long to show his ass, though.)

Anyone else finding the idea of him having his own private army to order around just plain frightening in its own right, though? I mean...yeah. Bigots with armed troops. Do not want. I don't care what his declared "goal" is; it's just a bad idea through and through.
tabaqui 29th-Dec-2012 06:25 pm (UTC)
PUT THIS MAN IN JAIL. For fuck's sake.

And 'armed posses' in schools? Schools with a *lot* of Latino kids? I'd be counting down the days to an 'incident' in which one or more members of this posse thought a kid was 'threatening' and opened fire.

Some of the high-school boys at my daughters school are over six feet and look like adults. I really can pictures some overzealous John-Wayne-wannabe deciding he was 'in danger' from a black or latino football player or something. Fucking hell, this is a horrifying idea.
koshkabegemot 30th-Dec-2012 04:31 am (UTC)
Oh for fuck's sake, Arizona.
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