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mollywobbles867 15th-Jan-2013 11:18 pm (UTC)
Can she sue the city for medical bills? The sidewalk should be able to hold a whole hell of a lot of weight considering how many people walk across it and stand on it every day.

I feel so bad for her. Hopefully, she hasn't seen all the cruel reactions. If she has, hopefully she reacted like the author of this piece.

Also, I didn't realize that being skinny was a requirement for being a social worker, but then I forget that society acts like a person's weight is a measurement of their morality and intelligence.

Also, the point here about people not actually knowing what 300lbs looks like is so spot on; especially skinny people. I weigh 290 and used to weigh over 300, but any time I told someone that, they were shocked. "You don't look that big!" It's not like I'm especially tall either; I'm 5'6". People just hear that number and expect you to be unable to move or wear anything but a mumu.
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