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A Quebec expert panel studying the legal aspects of medically assisted end-of-life procedures is recommending the province change the law to allow doctors to help some people who wish to end their lives.

The report says choosing end of life should be more clearly defined in the law as part of palliative care.

Quebec's so-called Dying with Dignity task force recommended allowing people with terminal illness to seek the help of a doctor to end their own lives, something prohibited under the federal Criminal Code.

The report stems from findings by a committee that looked at questions regarding assisted suicide and end-of-life procedures.

The committee's landmark Quebec report in 2012 [article about that here] recommended that doctors be allowed to help terminally ill patients die, in exceptional circumstances, if that is their wish.

The report was released in the Quebec legislature, after two years of work from the Dying With Dignity Committee, a multi-partisan group of nine MNAs.

They mentioned on the Radio-Canada newscast that the public response is generally positive.
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