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natyanayaki 18th-Jan-2013 06:34 am (UTC)
According to the Printz v. United States decision, State and local law enforcers don't have to comply with Federal laws requiring background checks for gun laws so I wonder when the Feds have the authority to involve themselves (for instance, when inter-state commerce isn't involved). These State vs Fed jurisdiction things always confuse, it often just seems to depend on who the law enforcement agent who *caught* you works for (if the State Fed gov't have contradicting laws), but at what point can the Feds legally act? I want stricter gun laws, but I want them across the board. I can't find the links, but I read several articles that indicated that much gun violence rates were dependent upon the strictness of state laws, and that in some cases the state laws weren't as strict as Federal laws and the Feds could only enforce Federal laws when interstate commerce was involved.
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