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furrygreen 18th-Jan-2013 05:50 pm (UTC)
but the mind absolutely boggles that the adoption agency considered it a legit adoption

Unfortunately, this is Utah for ya. They do this shit ALL the time. It's a terrible and horrific thing. In fact, it's so well known for having a fucked up system that adoption agencies actually tell mothers to give birth in Utah if they don't want the fathers to have the babies.

Seriously. This is how the Utah baby traffickers adoptions work. Once the baby is in the system, it's damn near impossible to get that child back. Some fathers have been fighting for over five years. Even WHEN it's been proven that the mother and the adoption representatives have lied and have not followed the meager rules, you still have no chance. The "rules" here, though, are a joke. Fathers have to present their desire to keep their child within three days of the birth (usually, this has to be done in person.) The judge will ask the mother if she gave him notice and all she has to say is "yes" and the fathers rights are gone.

It's disgusting.
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