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mentalguru 19th-Jan-2013 05:04 pm (UTC)
It does seem rather counterproductive. Of course people did say to me the whole reason for the sacrifice was to get humanity's attention- to impress -us- rather than god because clearly the necessity of sacrificing your son (who is also YOU) to change rules you yourself put in place is a bit silly. And disturbing. Can't forget that.

But then why doesn't god simply say 'sup each generation or something? I never got the idea of the necessity of faith in my case because it seemed so unfair. I mean the belief in something like an event you never witnessed, isn't a good way to judge someone. It's got nothing to do with morality. It's just... belief in an event you didn't see. It more says something about your character when it comes to your reaction to what you believe is literally true then whether you believe it in the first place. I mean if someone believes in hell- a christian who is actually genuinely concerned for others hurting there is a better person than those grinning with glee at the unbelievers suffering eternal torment. They believe the same thing, but they're not the same.

You have awful and good people out there. And if all people are unworthy (since an adulterer is still an adulterer etc.), how could belief in an unwitnessed event, and accepting it absolve you? Also, when I forgive someone, they're technically forgiven whether they believe it or accept it, so why did THAT, the most important forgiveness ever given, have that extra stipulation?

Yeah, questions like that kept me up at night.
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