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justspaz 19th-Jan-2013 05:29 pm (UTC)
I was raised Catholic (my mom's side is, my dad's side is Methodist but he's calls himself a deist). Starting in high school, coming to terms with my non-straightness and my liberal politics, I began to move away from identifying as Catholic. I still made my confirmation, because my grandfather is very religious (although very accepting as well, and someone I am incredibly close to and love very much) and I didn't want to disappoint him. I still go to church at Christmas with him for that reason, although I don't take communion.

I'm not an atheist, and sometimes even have those old embers of Catholicism brew in me and get angry when people criticize religion. I don't really have a connection to any organized religion; like my dad, I'm more inclined to deism, or at least the idea that 'God' (which I believe to be an incorporeal, powerful force) created the universe but stays out of its affairs. Basically, science explains everything--the Big Bang, evolution, natural disasters, human nature, etc, but there's another element to it we haven't discovered yet. I don't pray, say Goddammit and Jesus Christmas Christ on a Cracker, but I can't pull away completely from faith.

Then again, I'm a history major who wants to be an archivist; I don't really think much about philosophical and religious questions; I don't care about the afterlife or what happens before we're born, just how people live their lives. I guess that's pretty humanist of me, but even that's something I don't tend to dwell on.
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