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elobelia 19th-Jan-2013 05:52 pm (UTC)
I believe in God, but both me and my brother are very disillusioned with religion and particularly religious people in this country. My brother found a group of Christians in his town that actually do good in the community, believe in equality for all and fight for it, but I have no such luck here. Despite everything, I still believe in God, but I've learned too much about anthropology and evolution and the way the world works to truly believe that somehow Christianity is 100% right and the only way. It just doesn't seem likely. Luckily the majority of my family is not religious in any way, so there is no conflict with them. It's the entire country I feel like I'm in conflict with. The people in power, the religious right who is always fighting to take away our rights. They do more harm than my family could.
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