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Today, the pranksters at the Onion offered up an "Ask Me Anything" meet-up on Reddit with a parody version of America's vice president, a pretender known as "Diamond" Joe Biden. To lure in the crowds, fake Biden offered answers on "my Trans Am, things you can make into a pipe, Barack, or where we can hook up later" among other things. The real veep was less than impressed, and one-upped the faker with the flick of a Twitpic.

Q for @reddit AMA with my @TheOnion pal: A Trans-Am? Ever look under the hood of a Corvette? #imavetteguy –VP

Within that signed message from Biden's verified Twitter account was a link to the above pic of VPOTUS admiring a classic Vette.

The Onion was hosting the AMA in order to promote the Amazon Kindle Single, "The President of Vice," whose digital cover features a shirtless Biden waxing one of the eagle-bedecked Pontiac muscle cars. Let's hope the real Biden gets a cut of whatever money The Onion makes thanks to this viral surge.

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