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poetic_pixie_13 Queer & Trans photo spam, the queer ladies of _p made me do it29th-Jan-2013 05:46 am (UTC)
This qtspam was done while listening to Songza's Gay Pride playlist. (Some of the choices are kind of maybe problematic but sometimes I just wanna dance.) Cause I go the distance.

There are at least 430 photos and artwork and gifs and posters on my computer, so I just picked a buncha random shit. I think there might be more ladies and non-binary people then dudes cause, um, personal bias. >.>

QT people bein' all happy and shit. And things that are cute/make me smile/make me ugly cry in a good way/seriously y'all I have a huge weakness for adorable. So.

Go look at this. It's absolutely gorgeous.

[Some of these are NSFW but all are fantasticsexyadorable]

Sophia, a ten year old girl, writes to Barack Obama about how she is glad he thinks that two men can love each other cause the kids at school make fun of her for having two dads. (It is as full of feelings as it sounds.)

And Obama's response

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