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deborahw37 30th-Jan-2013 06:00 pm (UTC)
I work with vulnerable people and our job application forms require applicants to disclose any convictions or cautions including those considered " spent" under the ROA.

If someone discloses a conviction we will still interview them if they meet all the other criteria and the applicant gets the chance to explain that they did something stupid as a youth.. we can and do employ ex offenders in some jobs and in some circumstances

We also clearly advertise that an enhanced CRB check is required for the post.

If you don't disclose something and the CRB picks it up then adios.

There was a glitch in moving over from the old police check system to the new CRB system because several staff who had a clean police check turned out not to have a clean enhanced CRB.

The issue wasn't then that they had nicked a box of sweeties from Woolies or been caught with a class B substance when they were 17 but that , despite clear guidance on disclosure on their initial application form, they had lied and ticked the " nothing to disclose box". We took it on a case by case basis and most kept their jobs but were disciplined.

Sadly the follies of our youth do come back to haunt us .
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