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What's up folks! I hope all is well around these parts. I've totally fallen off the posting wagon but I'm attempting to correct my ways. This year TWiB is in full swing producing 6 different shows across the spectrum of topics and ideas. I'm committing to sharing with you guys regularly and getting some of the TWiB hosts to jump in the comments section to make merry and respond to any thoughts or ideas you guys might have about what we're covering. 

I know a bunch of you already listen to TWiB Radio (Previously known as Blacking It Up) but I'm hoping that the some of you who haven't tried it out may jump on board and share around other communities that may be interested. For instance check out today's episode where we had Imani Gandy, Esquire  give us a break down of a bunch of laws that have been worked on THIS YEAR that continue the War on Women in ways you just can't imagine.

Feel free to weigh in on any of the topics we hit on the show. I'll be posting the latest eps more often and I'll also start introducing you folks to our other shows that I think would mix well with this community! See you in the comments.
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