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Why Is Obama Skeet Shooting with Sunglasses On? (at breitbart.com)

In response to Pull!:

I'll gladly take you skeet shooting any time, Lisa. It's a lot of fun.

It appears Obama is wearing sunglasses in this picture, which is odd. Target shooters wear different color lenses in their shooting glasses depending on the lighting and the background of the shooting location. (Liz recommends RANGERS)

Wearing dark lenses like that would make it very difficult to see the target, very hard considering it doesn't appear to be sunny out.

As for the direction where Obama is shooting or pointing the gun, depends on the kind of target he is shooting. Skeet targets are mostly  crossers, and the shooter is moving L to R and R to L. Trap targets move up and out with some angle to them, and in sporting clays you are
shooting all over the place at the targetsBased on this picture, Obama might be shooting clay targets but not shooting an actual game of skeet.

People (unfamiliar with shooting sports) tend to describe skeet as any kind of shooting at hand-thrown clay targets. Skeet is a specific kind of sport.

ETA: I notice (or it appears) that he has only one choke in the gun, in his top barrel, so he isn't shooting skeet (the sport) because that requires two consecutive shots.

OP: Yes, America. It has come down to this. Somehow this is worthy of conspiracy/lunacy...
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