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The massive manhunt to capture fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner ended Tuesday with the alleged murderer and a sheriff's deputy killed in California, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to KTLA.

The standoff with Dorner, a former member of the LAPD, reached a violent close near a rustic cabin in the Big Bear ski area east of Los Angeles. Since Feb. 3, he's accused of a crime spree that left four people dead, including two officers, and several others wounded in shootings in L.A. and nearby San Bernadino County.


In a widely read tirade posted on Facebook by Dorner -- called his manifesto -- he vowed revenge against police and other officials he blamed for his dismissal from the LAPD in the 2009.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dorner barricaded himself in a rustic cabin after San Bernadino County Sheriff's deputies allegedly spotted him driving a vehicle he'd stolen earlier in the day.

While in the cabin, Dorner exchanged hundreds of rounds of gunfire with members of law enforcement. One deputy died from the shooting and another was injured. Later, towering flames engulfed the cabin.

The country's most famous had eluded authorities for days, but resurfaced on Tuesday after he'd allegedly burglarized a home, took two women hostage and stolen a white pickup truck.

"Enough is enough. It's time to turn yourself in," said LAPD Commander Andrew Smith during an afternoon press conference. "It's time to stop the bloodshed."

Dorner's trail led back to Irvine on Sunday where police believe he shot a couple parked in their car.

Monica Quan, a California State University, Fullerton assistant basketball coach and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, a public safety officer at the University of Southern California, were shot to death in their car Feb 3. Police named Dorner a suspect in Quan's killing on Feb. 6.


Apparently no body's been found yet. So, stay tuned.
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