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If you want to read the complex history of St. Valentine's day and why it's a thing, voilà.

Also, apparently the tradition of giving chocolate started because it was thought to be an aphrodisiac (like oysters), though it really isn't. Chocolate shops put them in very pretty boxes and bam! Awesome Valentine's gift.

And, for those who want to give roses but don't understand the meaning, a chart:

If you want to do something besides roses, here's a flower dictionary to help you out.

Now of course, not all of us have a special somepony someowl to have a Valentine's with and you can't go anywhere because there's hours-long wait at restaurants and the stores are choked with people scrambling for a Valentine's Day gift. I say, make lemons out of lemonade and be the good friend who graciously volunteers to take any extra chocolate from that chocolate bar that's three feet long and four inches deep (this happened to me once). That, and who says you can only spend Valentine's Day with a SO? Family and friends could alway use a little extra lovin'.

Ah, wait, I must woo the mods so that this will be posted.

And let's turn on a little music...
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I work today, so I'm sure you'll all have a better time than me.
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