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Shenanigans Sunday, July 16, 2017: Heat of Summer Edition

10:26 pm - 07/16/2017

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I couldn't find any good political memes at my usual sources (which tbh have been slim pickins for awhile now) so meh. Anyone have suggestions for good places to find up-to-date memes, plz let me know
maynardsong mild TMI ahoy17th-Jul-2017 04:18 pm (UTC)
Ugh, yes, I'm glad to escape this heat tomorrow (going to Denmark!).
And heat makes me all sorts of sweaty and unsexy and holding hands in the summertime is a no go, not that I'm PARTICULARLY fond of it the rest of the year, but I did like holding hands in the grocery store back in spring with this FWB who was about to move.
I visited said FWB's city last weekend and his room had no AC or fan. Ughhhhhhh, I was not as affectionate as I could have been, I was a sweaty and self-conscious mess. I mean, we still had enjoyable sex, I reckon.
He cuddled and talked and showered with me afterward, at any rate, and treated me to food and a cocktail. And when I showed him a photo of me in a plaid skirt (also after), I asked him what he thought of the idea of me on all fours in a library wearing that. He was a fan. And he kissed me good night. And messaged me to let me know he made it home, and praised some writing that I shared with him the morning after. So either he was being horribly sarcastic or he does in fact like the idea of hooking up again. And it isn't our first time hooking up, we've done it several times before. Shit, we've held hands in the grocery store and farmer's market before.
He'll be in my area in maybe a month and change. Is it terribly unreasonable to think there's a good chance we can hook up again?
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