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having a jolly season in chicago with the seiu

8:08 pm - 12/11/2011
Representatives of the Service Employees International Union's Local 1 released a video last week of a recent Occupy Chicago solidarity demonstration where participants solicited donations for "the rich" in front of the Chicago Board of Trade.

The SEIU has been an active participant in most of Chicago's large-scale Occupy demonstrations. Several members and allies of the union participated in the occupation of Washington, D.C. last week, which included sit-ins at the offices of Illinois representatives.

During the demonstration, participants dressed in Santa hats and festive holiday attire sang Christmas carols with lyrics altered to reflect their concerns about wealth distribution and the need for job creation. Baskets collected tongue-in-cheek donations that emphasized wide income gaps in the city.

cparamo 12th-Dec-2011 04:36 am (UTC)
That's good. It would be nice if the workers could organize independently of SEIU, considering their labor aristocracy leadership has already endorsed Obama for next year, who so far is the favorite candidate of Wall Street, just as he was in 2008.
fashionbabylon 12th-Dec-2011 05:01 am (UTC)
I went out to see them a few weeks ago in chicago, it was 5-6 young adults and then about 10-15 homeless people. it really surprised me to see how much it had shrunk.
rosicrucian 12th-Dec-2011 11:12 am (UTC)
I support Occupy and am totally pro-union and all but SEIU tends to piss me off. My mother has been working without a contract for nearly two years and SEIU apparently doesn't care enough to want to help negotiate a new one for their local members or even appoint people to represent members in my mother's chapter. Everyone keeps trying to get it rolling but it's like dead air from SEIU when they express a need about being represented.

It's all good they have concerns about wealth distribution, I'm having a bit of a hard time taking them seriously in this regard.
cparamo 12th-Dec-2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
SEIU isn't worth taking seriously, same with most other unions in the United States.
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