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sankaku_atama 27th-Feb-2012 12:55 pm (UTC)
My brother has this lovely theory that this sort of thing is just what the GOP wants in order to clear the way for someone to come along, someone who seems - on the outside - reasonable and level-headed when compared to the current crop of froth-spewing, corporate-loving, religious-jackboots-on-the-necks-of-the-common-folk, bigoted neckbeard douchebros running for the GOP nomination.

To him, this person has already peeped his head out and made a couple of statements alluding to the fact that the GOP is falling apart, and it horrifies him. Namely, Jeb Bush. Someone who echoes the sentiment of quite a few moderate Repubs I'm sure, and who is hoping to sweep up their votes as their savior of the party when the nomination processes break down and the whole thing has to be re-set, allowing Shrub II: Electric Boogaloo to sweep in and once again run this country into the ground for anyone who isn't white, cis-gendered, and monied.

Myself, I'd like to believe that the Bush clan has finally wised up and decided to stay out of politics since Shrub fucked it all up so badly, but then I remember how gullible the people of this country are. I remember that they elected that dipshit Yale dropout cokehead cockup alcoholic. TWICE (okay, technically only once - BUT THAT IS STILL BAD ENOUGH).

I'd hate for my brother to be proven right. I'd really, really hate for yet another of the Bush family to even be anywhere near a seat of power ever again.

TL;DR - Get a better attention span, but basically I really hope the GOP does self-destruct and we can continue on a path to improving everyone's lives, and not just the elite 1%.
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