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coyotesuspect 27th-Feb-2012 05:05 pm (UTC)
I feel like the first article (I haven't read the second yet) is the same type of article we got about the McCain campaign. If McCain wins, it represents a return to thinking conservatism! Forward looking on social issues while still remaining the party of Burke! But if McCain loses, the party will be in massive freefall! Palin's rabid demagoguery will rile up the red meat culture warriors to truly take over the party! Can small government Wall Street conservatives really live happily with populist firebrand evangelicals??? The Republican Party will tear itself apart!!!

And then the Republicans went and swept the 2010 elections. Which is not to say there aren't deep schisms within the Republican Party, or that we aren't witnessing a slow implosion of the GOP, but that this type of analysis is both incredibly repetitive and entirely premature.

Wow I hope this makes sense. I think I have a fever. ):
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