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hinoema 28th-Feb-2012 05:05 am (UTC)
Today in ­Macomb, the action is as much on the Republican as the Democratic side, with the county GOP riven by a split between mainstream and tea-party cadres. And yet in demographic terms, Macomb remains Macomb: overwhelmingly white and mostly non-college-educated, heavily Catholic and staunchly socially conservative, economically anti-globalist and culturally anti-swell.

It's a retirement area for the KKK and a refuge for survivalist gun nuts. Get it straight, article.

And with those divisions have arisen the competing electoral coalitions—shirts versus skins, regulars versus red-hots...

Whites vs non, Christians vs non, men vs non...

That apocalyptic rhetoric is just as common among voters as among conservative eggheads and party elites. Theda Skocpol, a Harvard sociologist, conducted a detailed study of tea-party activists and discovered that they saw themselves beset by parasitic Democrats. “Along with illegal immigrants,” she wrote, “low-income Americans and young people loom large as illegitimate consumers of public benefits and services.”

The only legitimate social services are the ones we get. You kids/ illegals/ commies get off my lawn etc.

last chance to exercise power in its current form, as a party of anti-government fundamentalism powered by sublimated white Christian identity politics.


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